Best Time to Plant Grass Seed

Best Time to Plant Grass Seed

ByLawrenceSep 30, 2023259

For homeowners seeking lush green grass, planting new lawn seed can be an intimidating task. When is the ideal time to plant grass…

low maintenance lawn seed

The Easy Button for Lawns

ByLawrenceSep 30, 2023268

Mowing. Watering. Weeding. Fertilizing. Most homeowners dread the endless labor required to maintain a lush green lawn. The vicious cycle of mow, water,…

Grass Seed Germination

Sprouting Green: Unlocking the Secrets of Grass Seed Germination

ByLawrenceSep 29, 2023236

A lush green lawn is the dream for many homeowners, but getting there starts months before you ever see grass blades poking through…

Watering Newly Planted Grass Seed

Watering Newly Planted Grass Seed

ByLawrenceSep 29, 2023229

A lush, thick lawn doesn’t happen overnight. It takes careful preparation, planting, and maintenance to grow grass from seed into a carpet of…

lawn aeration in spring

Lawn Aeration in Spring: The Key to a Healthy,…

ByLawrenceSep 5, 20233411

As spring arrives, homeowners start thinking about lawn care and how to achieve a lush, green lawn this year. A key technique many…

how to get rid of landscaping rocks

How to Get Rid of Landscaping Rocks

ByLawrenceAug 12, 2023469

Landscaping rocks can add beauty and dimension to your outdoor space. However, if you find yourself with unwanted rocks cluttering your yard or…

shrubs and trees for privacy

Shrubs and Trees for Privacy

ByLawrenceAug 12, 2023495

Having privacy in our outdoor space is essential for creating a peaceful and secluded environment. Whether you want to create a natural privacy…

Groundcovers for Shady Areas

Groundcovers for Shady Areas

ByLawrenceAug 11, 2023487

Shade gardens can be challenging places to cultivate plants. Many flowering perennials and ornamental grasses need several hours of direct sunlight per day…

annuals for flower beds

Annuals for Flower Beds: A Complete Guide

ByLawrenceAug 11, 2023448

Annual flowers are a gardener’s secret weapon for creating vivid, colorful displays in beds, borders, and containers. Unlike perennials, annuals complete their entire…